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Here is a suggestion of what you might consider as minimal requirements for your hardware and operating system to run the modelling software, but the most powerful computer available to you would be the best option.
  • Pentium II PC
  • 450 MHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/XP
  • Hard-disk: 8.9 MB download + 23.5 MB full installation
A limitation that you may experience is the running speed of your simulations (performance), although memory overheads are also high when you update your model. Mamimizing your system RAM will help speed things up. Reboot and limit your other applications when running your simulations. Carry out all your data checks and complete parameterization of your model first, then close all the peripheral windows and just leave the Main Control Panel open to run your simulation.

An advantage is a reasonably large monitor screen when working with GIS data. The graphical displays will put a small load on your video card, but processing calculations to provide the graphics will probably be the bottleneck.

For comparison you can see the configuration of the development machine and some information about performance.

After installation, hard-disk space requirements are minimal, just what you need for your outputs.

For analysis and display of your simulation results you may require additional software. Suggestions of useful applications are included in the Analysis section.