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Site Details

Name your model site here. This isn't the project file name, but the internal name that you want to refer to your model by, so it could be a more detailed reference to your site. This is also where you can specify the area of your model site, for either the whole grid or for just the masked off area defined by your Site Area Mask GIS layer. Choose your units and the model will convert the value into hectares.

Use the Site Details window to
  • give a meaningful name to your model. This could be the name of your site and could contain additional information about the version of your model, e.g., Virginia Park #3 01-02-06. This title will appear in the Information Display panel in the Main Control Panel and in your project profile which you can view using the Info command in the Main Control Panel.
  • define your site area. Type the area of your site into the Area box and select the corresponding units; hectares, km squared, acres or square miles. The conversion into hectares will be shown as Your area is... .

    Lastly, if the area that you have entered is the area for the whole model grid then select "Area is for the whole grid". You will probably know this from working with your GIS data.

    The alternative is that perhaps you know more about your site than the general area, and the measure of your area is for "just within the mask" in which case you can select that option. This refers to your Site Area Mask which is a GIS layer that you can use to define the extent of your site if less than the entent of the entire model grid.
    You can set your Site Area Mask using the Site Area Mask window or in the GIS Control.