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It may appear that there are a lot of input parameters for your model, but a) there isn't really - there is quite a limited set of core parameters and a lot of parameters for 'tweaking', and b) the model does a lot. The Parameter View window makes navigating through all the parameters easy. Even so, here's a search facility to hopefully speed things up a bit.


There are 3 ways to search for a parameter category. Individual parameter names are not searchable, therefore this Searching guide is relevant to the items in the left hand side of the Parameter View window ONLY.

Search mechanism 1

The Current Category Selection box just below the Modules toolbar displays the full path through the tree view parameter hierarchy that leads to the currently selected tree view parameter category.
Simply editing this Current Category Selection to point to a valid parameter category path automatically switches the current selection to that new category. Try this:

1. Make sure that your currently selected category has more than one "child" subcategory. Click on one of these "child" subcategories.
2. Now select the child subcategory name in the Current Category Selection box. Make sure to include the preceding slash ("\").
3. The current category selection automatically switches back to the original parent category.
4. Now click in the Current Category Selection box,
5. and type a slash ("\") and then the name of another child subcategory to the parent category.
6. When a valid parameter category path is typed into the Current Category Selection box then the current selection automatically switches to that new category.

Search mechanism 2

It is more likely that you do not know the full path for your parameter category, otherwise there would probably be no need to search for it. All you need to know is the name of the category (or an associated / nearby category from which you can find the one that you are looking for), which, from any point
you can type into the Current Category Selection box
and then press the Search button .
This way is best used to quickly move from a current category to the next category. For repeated searching see the next method.

Search mechanism 3

Similar to the previous search mechanism, this method searches for a category name that you type in, this time into the Search box that you access via the Search menu in the Main Control Panel.
The advantage with this method is that the Search box doesn't disappear nor does your search term get rewritten with other text, so you can repeat your searches to find other categories that have the same search term in their names. The Search box has 3 options:

1. Match whole names only
This will ignore categories that have your search term as only part of their name, e.g. Herbivore_1 for search term "herb".

2. Match case
This will ignore categories that have a different capitilization even if they are spelt the same, e.g., Local would not be found for search term "local".

3. Wrap to top
This will start at the top of the parameter category list if no occurrance of your search term are found, in line with the other 2 options.