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Output Selector

Every variable in the model is available for your output. Use this User-defined Output Selector to request your variables in your chosen sequence. Also get summary statistics summed over days, months and years.
  • Use the Output Selector window to choose from an exhaustive list of variables from your model for output to ascii file. First click to put a tick in the User Defined Output file tick box .
  • This will turn on the rest of the window controls. The top of the window comprises 3 main panels. The left hand panel has a list of the modules in your model; Climate, Soil, Vegetation, any plant types that you have, Fire, plus any animal types you have. Put a tick in the box next to each of the modules to see their list of variables in the middle panel.
  • You can sort the variables in the middle panel either alphabetically or by function. Use the sorting buttons to do this .
  • To submit a variable for output to file, either double click it in the middle panel, or single click on it and press the send button . You will see your variable now listed in the right hand panel.
  • To select more than one variable at a time, use the control key while clicking to accumulate individual selections and then use the send button to submit them to the right hand panel. For a continuous block of variables in the middle panel, use the shift key instead of the control key.
  • To undo a selection, either double click on the variable in the right hand panel, or single click on it and use the return button . You can use the control and shift keys for multiple selections in the same way as before.
  • To submit all of the variables currently listed in the middle panel, simply click on the send all button to move all of the variables listed to the right hand panel. To empty the right hand panel and send all of your selected variables back to the list in the middle panel, click on the return all button .
  • The order that you see your variables listed in the right hand panel is the order that they will appear in your ascii output file. You can organize the variable list in to the order that you want by clicking on the variables in the right hand panel and using the up and down buttons to change the list sequence.
  • Use the browse button to open a standard dialog box to give a destination for your output file in the Save to this file... box
  • If the file already exists you can append the new output to the existing file by ticking the append box . However be aware that if you have set your Preferences to delete your previous output files then you will lose this previous output. Please note that a message will appear to the right of the append option if your files are going to be deleted
  • You can request summary statistics for all of the variables in your user defined output file. You can also choose to receive daily output with or without summary statistics, or just the statistics. Use the Daily Output and Summary Statistics options tick boxes to select the combination that you want.
  • If you choose to have summary statistics, you can have daily, monthly and annual means included. Select from the Daily, Monthly and Annual option tick boxes.
  • The summary statistics that you can receive for your output file variables are; Daily Mean, Monthly Means (per month), Monthly Mean (all months), Annual Means (per year), Annual Mean (all years), Standard Error, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Sample Variance, Kurtosis, Skewness, Range, Minimum, Maximum, Sum and Count.