Main Control Panel

The SimSAGS hub and heart of your model. All the main functions of the application are called and controlled from here. The other windows just serve this control panel with portals for data input and output, but the Main Control Panel allows you to manage your projects, set your preferences and run your model. Specific parameters are accessed via the Parameter View and GIS inputs are identified in the GIS Control.


The dominating features of the Main Control Panel are the main menu and toolbar and these are decribed in detail below; it is essentially one long toolbar, and that's why it's shaped like it is.
In addition to the menu and buttons you can see the information display that informs you about whatever is going on in the modelling software, the status bar, which tells you yet more about the simulation process, performance and current time, an icon and a trace file link. The trace file records whatever appears in the information display, ad nauseum, but it is useful for understanding the sequence of processes in the modelling software, as well as debugging your models if necessary. The trace file logging and its location is set via your Preferences. The logging option is reported at the trace file link (ON/OFF) which you can also click to view the trace file in notepad. This facility is also included under the Output menu.

When the modelling software is busy processing, intense processes include interpreting your GIS data, a progress bar appears to tell you how it's proceeding.
On starting to run a simulation the appearance of the Main Control Panel changes again. The progress bar is there to tell you how far to go with your simulation and the status bar tells you what the modelling software is doing, but also the status bar gains some compartments, how many depends on the options for information display set in your Preferences. Available are the simulation day, year and total iteration number, plus an optional report of process name which is a technical addition but useful in conjunction with the trace file when debugging your models. The time given is now how long the simulation has been running.

If you have chosen it, there is an animated icon that keeps going while the simulation is running, except when it is paused and another animated icon is shown.

Menus & Buttons: File

The main toolbar buttons are grouped to reflect the main menu structure and off you quick access to your most frequently used and most useful features.

Menus & Buttons: Edit

Menus & Buttons: Search

Menus & Buttons: View

Menus & Buttons: Modules

Menus & Buttons: Parameters

Menus & Buttons: GIS

Menus & Buttons: Output

Menus & Buttons: Simulation

Menus & Buttons: Graphics

Menus & Buttons: Window

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