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Surface Topography

There is a set of default topographic templates that you can use if you lack a Landscape Topography GIS layer, or if you need to check your data against a more controlled landscape form.

These landscape templates were introduced during development of the modelling software largely to test the parts of the program that deal with the fundamentally critical question of the redistribution of surface water. The templates have also proved useful in testing other aspects of the modelling software, and are included here as a useful tool for you to test your own model and data or as a basis for constructing hypothetical modelling scenarios.

The templates have been given descriptive names, listed below along with a short description, the topography plot that can be seen using the Landscape Surface Plot and the resultant runoff distribution that can be displayed using the modelling software Grids or in the Grid Viewer.

You can choose from

  • Scalloped Valley - a deep basin providing a target for runoff

  • Twoway - gentle dual runoff slopes for differential delivery

  • Groovy - a corrugated hillside with realistic rills and gullies.

  • Camber - humpbacked ridge splitting runoff flow

  • Ampitheatre - sloping shallow basin

  • Valley - classic bell-bottomed trought

  • Pockets - Highly erratic surface

or, there is an option to leave your selection to chance. Also, note that you can choose to not automatically update your model on closing this window in case you have other changes that you want to make first.