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New Graph

The graphs here are a very powerful way to investigate complex relations within your system. Basically, plot anything against anything and watch the results update in real time. Before your simulations, book graphs to automatically appear when the simulation starts by using the Graphics Control or open new graphs on-the-fly during simulations using the Graphics menu on the Main Control Panel window.

  • Choose your x-axis variable from the left-hand drop down list.
  • Choose your y-axis variable from the left-hand drop down list.
  • The plot will be cleared and the axes retitled when you change either variable.
  • The X and Y labels next to the dropdown lists are coloured green when the associated data are nonzero, otherwise they appear red.
  • Print straight to your printer using the print button .
  • Erase the current plot using the Clear button .
  • Export the plot co-ordinate pairs as an ascii file using the Export button . The file is saved to your Graph Output Folder set in your Preferences.
  • You can choose to display zeroes with the Zeros option.