Graphics Control

Before your simulations, book graphs and grids to automatically appear when the simulation starts by using this Graphics Control. You also have option for the graphs and grids to appear automatically tiled. Alternatively, open new graphs and grids on-the-fly during simulations using the Graphics menu on the Main Control Panel window. You could do this to find out which graphical outputs you need and then program them into this Graphics Control for automation.

This is a bit like making any other type of reservation. You put in your order for something and you pick it up, or it is sent out to you later on. Here you are putting in an order for graphical ouput as graphs and grids, or their text file exports, and when you run your simulation, you get your order.

The process for making your order is essentially the same for graphs and grids;

1/ select your variable from the lists in the upper half of the window,
2/ add it to the plotting panel in the lower half of the window,
3/ choose whether you want to view the plot, or just store the output files,
4/ choose how you want to view any visible plots.

except that you need to choose 2 variables for graphs to plot against one another.
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