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These academic theses have contributed to the scientific theory and extensive fieldwork that the SimSAGS modelling software is founded on.

  1. Tarr, H.L. (2001) Economic evaluation of management strategies for cattle ranching in semi-arid regions. MSc thesis. University of Natal, Republic of South Africa.
  2. Magadzire, Z. (2002) Foraging strategies of cattle and goats in mixed-species grazing systems. PhD thesis. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
  3. Mukungurutse, E. (2002) Browse production in semi-arid grazing systems. MPhil thesis. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.
  4. Derry, J.F. (2004) Piospheres in semi-arid rangeland: consequences of spatially constrained plant-herbivore interactions. PhD thesis. University of Edinburgh. Available to purchase.