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Journal Articles

Here is a growing list of journal articles about SimSAGS and its modules, and about applications of the modelling software.

Soil Module

  1. Walker, B.H. & Langridge, J. (1996) Modelling plant and soil water dynamics in semi-arid ecosystems with limited site data. Ecological Modelling, 87, 153-167. Download
  2. J.F. Derry. & G. Russell (in prep.) Review of soil water models with respect to savanna hydrology. Download

Plant Module

  1. Poupon, H. (1976) La biomasse et l'évolution da sa répartition au cours de la croissance d'Acacia senegal dans une savane sahelienne (Sénégal). Bois Forêts Tropicales, 166, 23-38.
  2. Rutherford, M. C. (1984) Relative allocation and seasonal phasing of growth of woody plant components in a South African savanna. Progress in Biometeorology, 3, 200-221.
  3. Dye, P.J. & Walker, B.H. (1987) Patterns of shoot growth in a semi-arid grassland in Zimbabwe. J. Appl. Ecol. 24, 633-644. Download

Animal Module

  1. Illius, A.W. & Gordon, I.J. (1987) The allometry of food intake in grazing ruminants. Journal of Animal Ecology, 56, 989-999. Download
  2. Illius, A.W. & Gordon, I.J. (1991) Prediction of intake and digestion in ruminants by a model of rumen kinetics integrating animal size and plant characteristics. Journal of Agricultural Science, 116, 145-157.
  3. Spalinger, D.E. & Hobbs, N.T. (1992) Mechanisms of foraging in mammalian herbivores: new models of functional response. American Naturalist, 140, 325-348. Download
  4. Illius, A.W. & Gordon, I.J. (1992) Modelling the nutritional ecology of ungulate herbivores: evolution of body size and competitive interactions. Oecologia, 89, 428-434. Download
  5. Gordon, I.J. & Illius, A.W. (1996) The nutritional ecology of African ruminants: a reinterpretation. Journal of Animal Ecology, 65, 18-28. Download
  6. Farnsworth, K.D. & Illius, A.W. (1996) Large grazers back from the fold: generalising the prey model to incorporate mammalian herbivores. Functional Ecology, 10, 678-680. Download
  7. Farnsworth, K.D. & Illius, A.W. (1998) Optimal diet choice for large herbivores: an extended contingency model. Functional Ecology, 12, 74-81. Download

Fire Module

  1. Higgins, S.I., Bond, W.J. & Trollope, W.S.W (2000) Fire, resprouting and variability: a recipe for grass±tree coexistence in savanna. Journal of Ecology, 88, 213-229. Download
  2. Shackleton, C.M. (1997) The prediction of woody productivity in the savanna biome, South Africa. PhD Thesis. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Model Descriptions and Applications

  1. Derry, J.F. (1998) Modelling ecological interaction despite object-oriented modularity. Ecological Modelling, 107, 145-158. Download
  2. Illius, A.W., Derry, J.F. & Gordon, I.J. (1998) Evaluation of strategies for tackling climatic variation in semi-arid grazing systems. Agricultural Systems, 57, 381-398. Download
  3. Illius, A.W. & Gordon, I.J. (1999) Scaling up from functional response to numerical response in vertebrate herbivores. In Herbivores: Between Plants and Predators. Olff, H., Brown, V.K. & Drent, R.H. (eds.). Blackwell Science. Download
  4. Illius, A.W., Derry, J.F. & Gordon, I.J. (2000) Corrigendum: Evaluation of strategies for tracking climatic variation in semi-arid grazing systems. Agricultural Systems, 63, 73-74. Download

Further Reading

  1. Fritz, H. & Duncan, P. (1994) On the carrying capacity for large ungulates of African savanna ecosystems. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 256, 77-82. Download
  2. Thrash, I. & Derry, J.F. (1999) The nature and modelling of piospheres: a review. Koedoe, 42, 73-94. Download
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