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Ecological Architecture

Architecture Documentation is a special breed of design documents ... Very little in the architecture documents is specific to the code itself. These documents do not describe how to program a particular routine, or even why that particular routine exists in the form that it does, but instead merely lay out the general requirements that would motivate the existence of such a routine.
Source: WikipediaŽ

As an extension to this definition of Architecture Documentation, here are some documents on the implementation of ecological concepts within the modelling software to compliment the other sections about Scientific Literature, Technical Documentation and Design Documents.

A general description of the modules in the modelling software including links to the source literature can be found in the section about the Model Description.

The documents here are extracts from Derry (2004) and deal with the implementation the following ecological aspects in the modelling software. The sections are presented in sequence as they appear in the original literature source, so it might be a good idea to read them in that same order