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Decision Support System

Your SimSAGS Decision Suppport System is made up from the SimSAGS modelling software itself and this website with its User Guide and other documentation as a comprehensive source of information about using the Modelling Software, Downloads and Updates to the software, plus the Forum as a place to go to find further support and be part of the community of SimSAGS users, and be part of the SimSAGS project. Your opinions about the SimSAGS Decision Support System are welcome.

The SimSAGS Modelling Software

The SimSAGS modelling software is Windows-based. Each window is designed to facilitate your testing your data and importing it into your model, running your simulations and viewing and collecting your model output.

The User Guide

The User Guide is also known as External Documentation. It is available throughout the website from the menubar above and comprises 6 sections that are designed to guide you through the complete use of SimSAGS, including navigating your way around the windows, using the example scenario models as well as constructing your own models, getting your model output and analysing the results...


Get your SimSAGS downloads here. Not only the modelling software, but also updates and patches, example projects and wallpaper to decorate your desktop.

The SimSAGS Users Forum

The SimSAGS Users Forum is intended as a living resource for you to discuss using the modelling software and the issues arising from it. Introduce yourself, share details of your projects, help out, get involved. The Forum is your resource.