Welcome to the SimSAGS website. SimSAGS stands for Simulation of a Semi-arid Grazing System. Here you will find all you need to know how to download, install and operate the SimSAGS software, how to use the examples and how to make your own models, how to get your model output and also suggestions on how to analyse your model results.

Muybridge animation

Produced for this website from Antelope Galloping, Plate 698 in Eadweard Muybridge (1887) Animal Locomotion. Why is this image here?

SimSAGS is a Decision Support System
pastoralists, researchers, consultants,
NGOs and local extension
The SimSAGS model use daily rainfall to predict soil moisture, predicts plant growth, predicts herbivore forage intake and consequent livestock and wildlife animal population dynamics via growth, reproduction and mortality.
  • modular : climate, soil, plant, animal
  • integrated systems model with feedbacks
  • animal management strategies
  • pastoralist: coping with drought
  • commercial: market dynamics
  • socio-economic integration
Citation: Derry, J.F. (2006) SimSAGS. Simulation of a Semi-arid Grazing System [online]. http://sags.bio.ed.ac.uk/ [Accessed ON DATE].
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